Thursday, January 6, 2011

UF Women in Science & Engineering CoLAB 2010

The goal of this session was to understand the basics of collaboration development towards the objective of identifying a faculty mentor in science or engineering. 15 students and 15 faculty participated.

Here are some comments from faculty:
I was impressed with Bess' introduction. Specifcially the levels of risk one is will to take to interact with others. I think she hit the nail on the head. To successfully collaborate, the partners must be willing to change behavior for the potential of a successful venture. I also liked the discussion of assets. This pre-discussion is/was particularly important for our young scientists.

The actual interactions between students and faculty were fun and it was striking the similarities that were written on our placards, despite significant age/experience differences. I really enjoyed meeting the students and pleased that we have such motivated young women.

We certainly met new people (one of the objectives), but it is not clear that the students identified new mentors. Our interests were quite varied. On the other hand, the faculty regardless of discipline should have a lot of experience that they could pass on. Perhaps time will tell.

I learned that there must be some inherent and common drive in women who enter science.

And from a student:
I recommend future CoLab can offer us more opportunities to talk with grad students, so that we can not only find something interesting in our academic work, but also can we broaden our social network:)

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